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Fynch-Hatton Nominated for Store of the Year Award 2016

The Store of the Year Award Ceremony, in which we were placed among the top three nominees, took place during the 12th German Real Estate Congress on 26 January in Berlin.

 Each year, the German Retail Association (Handelsverband Deutschland e.V.) honours the best and most interesting retailers with this award for especially innovative and creative store concepts. The jury selects nominees for the Store of the Year award based on several factors, including innovativeness, customer value, experiential value, room and shop design, in addition to it’s worth as a role model. Our exciting retail concept convinced the industry experts, earning us a spot on the short list.

Storytelling Through a Tailor-Made Store Concept

Fynch-Hatton represents the freedom to live one's own style, with clothing and accessories that have a unique character. Rich in variety with attractive colour schemes, and product which has wide appeal, the Fynch-Hatton line targets the stylish, fashion-conscious man. The label's inspiration is derived from Denys Finch Hatton, who conspicuously combined his spirit of adventure with British luxury as an expedition leader, farmer and pilot in Africa, and was portrayed by Robert Redford in the film Out of Africa.

Our retail expert, Rudolf Peter Scheben, was responsible for the store concept as well as supervision and implementation. He managed with incredible enthusiasm and transformed the already existing shop-in-shop concept into a fascinating, yet functional store design for the Fynch-Hatton brand. Through the use of warm, natural colours, combined with authentic accessories from Africa, a unique and captivating store concept was created, which displays the merchandise in an impressive and fitting ambience whilst luring customers into the world of Denys Finch Hatton. Stylistic elements make subtle reference to the label's story. Intentionally placed accessories turn every shopping trip to a Fynch-Hatton store into an adventurous discovery tour. There are interesting details to study in every corner, including many unique specimens such as gramophones, globes and nostalgic wardrobe trunks. Cognac-coloured leather armchairs, reminiscent of the famous inglenook in Karen Blixen's farm, invite shoppers to linger. The centrepiece of each store is the cash register counter, which turns the payment process into a social and communicative journey to an African bar. Styled after Denys Finch Hatton and his favourite establishment, the Muthaiga Club, our customers have the opportunity to taste the original Mombasa Club Gin.

2015 — Our Fynch-Hatton Concept Occupies German Cities

Inaugurated in late 2014, Fynch-Hatton Retail GmbH managed to implement seven retail stores with environments that invite customers to relax and linger, while telling the story of the brand in a disarming manner, beginning with the first store in the newly opened Minto shopping centre in our home-base city, Mönchengladbach, in March of 2015. This was followed on 16 April by the store at Limbecker Platz in Essen. The store in Cologne's DuMont-Carré joined the first two on 3 September, with the location at Münster Arkaden following later the same month. The year ended successfully with the opening of three further stores: since October, the Fynch-Hatton concept has spread to Oldenburg, the Rhein-Center in Köln-Weiden, and the newly opened Aquis Plaza shopping centre in Aachen. And we're not stopping there – additional German cities can look forward to experiencing the creative Fynch-Hatton concept in 2016.

"The Fynch-Hatton Retail team is proud to be among the nominees for the Store of the Year Award 2016," Rudolf Peter Scheben, Managing Director of Fynch-Hatton Retail GmbH, is proud that our endeavour has been recognised in our nomination for this coveted industry award. "My heartfelt thanks go out to the entire Fynch-Hatton family that work each and every day with passion and enthusiasm to make the visit to our stores a truly pleasurable experience for our customers."

Panorama Berlin

Fynch-Hatton has regularly participated in the Panorama Fair in Berlin since 2013 and has benefitted from this in every season.

2014 I – Our new outfit idea offering trousers and jackets for the first time in our collection has received a positive feedback.
2013 II – Our new spring/summer 2014 collection as well as the elaborate brand presentation and our retail concept have met with a positive response.