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Pullover – Material and workmanship


Fynch-Hatton is famous for its premium quality. We use the best materials we can find. Long-staple cotton, exclusive lambswool and cashmere together with linen and silk. Always in trendy colours with fashionable outlines.

Whether we are producing shirts and polo shirts or sweaters, professionalism and precision are the focus of our processing methods. For instance, our pullovers are fully fashioned, meaning that each piece is knitted to form. After that, everything is linked and finished by hand. We offer a consistently high standard so that people can rest assured they are buying the right thing.

The philosophy behind this is simple: detailed quality and workmanship.


1.To achieve the best possible touch and typical Fynch-Hatton look of the garments, we have developed specialized finishing treatments.

2. Each sweater is produced with detailed workmanship by highly profiled specialists resulting in a high-quality garment.

3. Each sweater in each size is hand-knitted. Nothing is produced mechanically nor cut or sewn by machines. Each stitch is linked manually when joining the knitted panels. This results in a perfect fit and long lasting and durable seams.

4. We process only yarns of highest quality standards to give you the best possible price-value ratio and an outstanding durability of our product.

5. Our sweaters speak wonders with the soft touch and the incomparable brightness of the garment.