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The first shirts come without plastic

Specialists such as Silk Stickers, Eterna and Fynch-Hatton test alternatives to plastic bag. Also Walbusch and Olymp research on plastic-free packaging.

The rolled shirts are a racer at the State of Fynch-Hatton at the Panorama currently running in Berlin. Instead, as usual in a plastic bag, they are unpacked, only rolled up with a cotton ribbon. Inscription: "packed without plastic". The collar reinforcement serves recycled cardboard, there is a thin tissue paper. "Without it is not," says Managing Director Christoph Brandts. "But we do our best, and the customers are very interested. This is another important step in our sustainability strategy for us. "

Christoph Brands, Managing Director
Fynch-Hatton Textil-Handelsgesellschaft mbH

The topic of plastic-free packaging is currently a big topic for many shirts providers. Fire ahead are Eterna and silk stickers. The Bielefelder cancel to give up with delivery to the autumn / winter season 2020 for all collections of the brand Seidensticker on plastic packaging material and thus save more than 30 tons of plastic waste per year. To protect the products from transport damage and dirt, the shirts are equipped with a cardboard strip in the inner collar and sent to only one large recyclable masterpolybag per carton.


"In the future, we want to focus even more on these significant topics in order to make our contribution to obtaining this world for the following generations," says Gerd Oliver Seidensticker, managing partner of the Seidensticker Group.

On the premium in Berlin, Eterna introduces the new Casual collection "Eterna WE Care", in which all activities are to be bundled around the topic "Sustainable Fashion". "The entire line including ingredients consists of recycled and upcycling materials that is packaging - completely new in the shirt market - plastic-free and made of recycled natural paper," explains CEO Henning Gerbuilet. Other specialists such as Walbusch and Olymp are still looking for alternatives: "Our shipping packaging must be disposed of varieties: cardboard boxes without adhesive strips and filling material only from paper. For the packaging of shirts, however, we have not found any alternative to artificial substance that corresponds to our ideas and the high quality requirements of our customers. We stay at the topic ", Walbusch Managing Director Ralph Hürlemann promises.

Olymp is already one step further: "Meanwhile, there are promising approaches to renounce needles, clips, collar clasps and replace indispensable elements through alternative materials. Our goal of combining the functional requirements for the packaging, which in its protective function ensures the positive overall impression and the sales capacity of the shirts, with the ecological claim, we are already very close, "confirms the managing partner Mark Bezner.

Source: Textile Management Edition No.3, Release Date 16.1.2020, Page 12