Credit: Cotton Made in Africa / AID by Trade Foundation.

Guiding idea for sustainability at Fynch-Hatton

Our deep-anchored values ​​guide us every day to sustainably question our actions and change holistic, because sustainability is not just a feature of our products!

Where do we stand and where would we like? Currently we develop from a "sustainable self-evident" towards a holistic, strategic implementation of the topic, which relates to all internal and external areas of the company, as well as the entire supply chain.

How do we define "sustainability"? Sustainability is not just a "fashion word" for us, but certainly determines our daily action in all areas. Sustainability means to take responsibility for all of us to be involved in the supply chain, as well as a reliable partner for our dealers / customers & suppliers - holistically in all areas: ecologically, economic and social. Our transparent communication, our long-standing partnerships and our high-quality, durable products form the basis.

How do we engage in to advance the topic? Our commitment is very extensive. Starting with our years of personal relationships with our producers, we support projects in the social area of ​​every year, such as world hunger help. Internally, we have founded his own "Sustainability Department" 2020. Thus, the topic is specifically integrated strategically into all areas of the company - that makes us fast and measurable in our development, but also transparent. At the beginning of 2021, the focus is on the supply chain and our product groups. At the end of 2021, we develop concrete goals for the entire company and all internal and external areas. In addition, we are currently working on a tool that will make it possible in the future our supply chain not only understand transparent, but also to track it. Furthermore, we are increasingly working on the climate neutrality of our location in Mönchengladbach.

Sustainability reports

The sustainability area has been anchored deep in our values ​​since the company was founded and recognizable in our logo - the screen acacia. Our values, our deep awareness of responsibility and sustainability drives us every day and is also strategically anchored in all areas. We build the area "sustainability" continues to grow and become holistic, because we are important to us. In a transparent communication, we see the key to the trust of our customers and partners in the long term. In addition, we are the firm conviction that we are the best quality for ours Customers and our environment only achieve, if we expand and share our knowledge through cooperation with our customers and partners. That's why we want to share our goals and successes with you.
The new sustainability report refers to the calendar year 2020 and was released by the management of Fynch-Hatton Textilhandelsgesellschaft mbH. Editorial deadline was 30.01.2021. Of course, the report lies in German and English. Wherever the better readability is used the male form, of course, all sex identities are included.

Nachhaltigkeit | recyclebare Verpackungen |  recycling
Nachhaltigkeit | Glasflasche am Arbeitsplatz

Our mission until 2025: We are the most sustainable casual mainstream fire in the market segment.

2025 We are climate-neutral and support your own and projects of our partners with the help of our own "FH-Foundation".

2024 We are CO2-neutral and our supply chain is transparent.

2023 100% of our products produced consist of or contain sustainable raw materials.

2022 60% of the articles are sustainable and all areas of the company (internal & external), work along the holistic sustainability strategy.

➦ 2021 We align our entire collection planning holistically on the sustainability strategy and expand the use of sustainable / certified materials by at least 10% per collection.

2020 From the "matter of course" in the sustainability for strategic development.

2015 We take responsibility for all involved in our supply chain.

1998 Our deep bond with the continent of Africa are the roots of our actions and our "sustainable self-evident" in all ours.

Further information on the core areas of our self-charged strategy can be obtained here: Our pillars of sustainability